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Taylor Swift

  • Taylor swift

    Taylor swift
    Taylor Swift with her first album on October 12, 2006, in the first week out Taylor swift, sold over 40,000 copies of her album and was number 19 on the billboard in just a week with more to come she has 4 Grammys for this album
  • Fearless

    the album fearless has sold 12 million copies at this point in time and it came out on November 11, 2008, it was her second album and she went on tour with the album from Apr 23,2009-Jul10,2010
  • Speak Now

    Speak Now
    the Speak Now album came out on October 25th, 2010 she also sold 5.8 million copies worldwide and won 4 Grammys on the album
  • Red

    Red was a big album for Taylor swift she sold 1.4 million copies and when on tour with the album from Mar 13, 2013 – Jun 12, 2014, and has recorded the album
  • 1989

    the album 1989 by Tayler Swift sold 14,332,116 copies of this album and won 3 Grammys and went on the 1989 world tour from May 5, 2015 – December 12, 2015, and if you did not know Tayler Swift was born on December 13th, 1989
  • Reputation

    Reputation By Taylor Swift sold 10 million copies of the album and won a billboard for it and went on tour from May 8, 2018 – November 21, 2018