Task 3: Backwards planning

Timeline created by agonz272
  • Driving question

    Driving question
    Teacher will pose a driving question in order to engage students.
  • Period: to

    PBL Exemple

  • Topic

  • Task and lesson

    Task and lesson
    Create TEAMS to work in groups
  • Language needs

    Language needs
    As a ClIL project, teacher will give the students language tools to make sure language is not a barrier to learn.
  • Subject needs

    Subject needs
    Teacher will take into account:
    What the students already Know
    What they need to be taught and
    What they can discover from themselves
  • Assesement criteria

    Assesement criteria
    Teacher explains students how are the going to be assesed,
  • learning objectives

    learning objectives
    Teacher define student's outcomes and works backward when creating a project.