Tang Empire compared to the Islamic world

  • Dec 4, 613

    Muhammad Begins Preaching

    Muhammad preaches in Mecca the message which he has received.
  • Period: Nov 30, 618 to Nov 30, 907

    Tang Empire

  • Period: Dec 4, 618 to Dec 4, 907

    The Islamic World

  • Nov 30, 619

    The Reign of Li Yuan

    This was the first emperor of the Tang Dynasty and he also, was the founder of it. He unified China after the sui Dynasty and formed rebellions to bring China back together and end the chaos. He retired from the throne at 626 and gave the power to his son. He used many of the sui dynasty ways and policies, because he beleaved they had a good way of ruling.
  • Dec 4, 622

    Assassination Attempt

    There is a plot to assassinate him. He escapes to the town of Yathrib, about 300 kilometres to the north.
  • Nov 30, 627

    The emperor Li Shimin

    He was the son of the first emperor of Tang and the founder. He succeeded to the throne when his father, retired and gave him the throne. He made an important accomplishment in China which was to unify China. This was something that his father tried but could not finish. He expanded the empire and grew it to its max. He launched many military activities in order to expand. He later died in 649 in the Hanfeng palace.
  • Dec 4, 634


    Abu Bakr is succeeded in 634 by Omar (another father-in-law of Muhummad.)
  • Nov 30, 666

    Equal field system

    This was a movement done in the Tang dynasty with the purpose to distribute the land equally and avoid the concentration of land in a single person. Tried to not make the same mistakes their previous dynasties did like the Han because they gained many problems from the land distribution cause it was unequal and people got too powerful.
  • Nov 30, 755

    The An Lushan revolt

    An Lushan a concubine from the emperor (favorite concubine) She was a traitor she revolted against the empire and conquered the capital and seond capital. But in the year 757 a soldier killed An Lushan and later in 763 they got their capitals back. But this was one of the major revolts leading to the downfall of the Tang dynasty. It weakend the Tang army and dynasty so much that they could not be able to come back from this phase in the empire.
  • Dec 4, 812

    Abbasid Civil War: the Siege of Baghdad begins.

  • Dec 4, 815

    Shia revolt under Ibn Tuba Tabs.

  • Dec 4, 845

    With the central government collapsing in authority over the various regions of the empire, it was recorded in 845 that bandits and river pirates in parties of 100 or more began plundering settlements along the Yangtze River with little resistance

  • Dec 4, 859

    Peasant Revolt

    A large-scale peasant uprising launched by Huang Chao again severely attacked the Tang regime
  • Dec 4, 863

    The Battle of Lalakaon breaks the power of the emirate of Malatya.

  • Nov 30, 900

    Paper Money was first invented

    The world's first paper money was invented by the Song Dynasty. Lighter and easier to handle than coins, paper money helped the chinese mange their growing wealth.
  • Nov 30, 907

    The End

    This year the last Tang emperor abdicted the throne or gave it up and ended the Tang dynasty. The end of the dynasty was mostly brought because of all the rebellions there was and at one point the dynasty could not comeback from the An revolt makeing it weak and with the haung Chao rebellion the empire was as good as done.