Syrian Uprising

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  • Syrian killed 5 protesters

    Syrian killed 5 protesters
    Syrian police killed 5 protesters in Daraa. They closed the city and only let people leave not enter. Syrian officials said those involved would be put on trial
  • Six die in mosque attack

    Six die in mosque attack
    Syrian forces kill at least six in an attack on Deraa. Before the attack electricty and telephone service was shut down.
  • Friday of Martrys

    Friday of Martrys
    Security forces opened fire on demonstrators two days after President Bashar al-Assad delivered an uncompromising address aimed at restoring order. Security forces were seizing mobile phones, which had been used to film clashes, to decrease the risk of further incriminating images
  • Biggest day of unrest

    Biggest day of unrest
    On the day of the biggest protest, in Deraa 22 people were reported killed. On Friday night the death toll around the country was rising, with activists reporting more and more citizens taking to the streets.
  • Syrian soldiers shot

    Syrian soldiers shot
    Syrian soldiers were shot by security forces after refusing to fire on protesters. Footage on youtube show one soldier getting shot in the back and another video shows one of the soldiers death