Syrian Refugees

By ssd
  • Crisis begins

    The syrian crisis begins with some peaceful protesting
  • The very first camp for Syrians open in Turkey

  • UNHCR scheduled a Regional Refugee for the Syrians

  • Relief operations inside Syria

  • Za'atri camp open for Syrians in Jordan

  • António Guterres and Angelina Jolie visit refugees in Turkey and Jordan

  • European Union states are being urged by the UHNR

    to ensure access to their territory, access to asylum methods, and coordinate their propositions in the review and granting of asylum requests
  • 300,000 displaced Syrians

  • Near countries take in half a million refugees

  • UNHCR and partners launch a Regional Response Plan for the refugees

    In Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt
  • 1 million refugees

  • UNHCR calls for safe movement of humanitarian convoys

    inside Syria as needs grow among increased civil conflict.
  • António Guterres warns the UN Security Council

    Almost half of Syria's population could be in need of humanitarian help by the end of that year
  • UN humanitarian agencies announce the biggest aid appeal in history

  • The Za’atri camp has taken in around 120,000 refugees

  • Over 1 million Syrian refugee children

  • Almost 50,000 Syrian Kurd refugees arrive in northern Iraq in a two week period

  • over 2 million refugees, and over 4.25 million displaced

  • UNHCR and government ministers from Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq meet in Geneva

    they are trying to seek greater help for countries that are struggling to cope with the refugee crisis
  • The numbers of Syrians trying to reach Europe are growing

  • Germany accepts their first refugee group for temporary settlement