Syria 9B

By hisgeo
  • 1000 BCE

    Syria's Major City Aleppo

    Syria's Major City Aleppo
    In the 10th century the Ḥamdānid dynasty established itself
    in Aleppo as an independent principality.
  • 635 BCE

    Syria's Major City Homs

    Syria's Major City Homs
    Homs was founded at the beginning of the third millennium BC,
    and the Greeks, Romans and Byzantines traded in control of it,
    and in the year 14 AH (635 AD) the Muslims conquered it.
  • 637

    The spread of Islamic religion

    The spread of Islamic religion
    In 637 A.D., Muslim armies defeated the Byzantine Empire and took control of Syria. The Islamic religion spread quickly throughout the region, and its different factions rose to power.
  • 750

    Damascus becomes the capital of the Islamic world

    Damascus becomes the capital of the Islamic world
    Damascus eventually became the capital of the Islamic world, but was replaced by Baghdad in Iraq around 750 A.D. This change led to economic decline in Syria, and for the next several centuries, the region became unstable and was ruled by various groups.
  • Syria Independence Day

    Syria Independence Day
    Syrian independence was achieved on October 24, 1945.
    Although rapid economic development followed the declaration
    of independence, Syrian politics from independence until the
    late 1960s was marked by turmoil.
  • Civil War

    Civil War
    Syria's Civil War Started A Decade Ago after it began as an uprising against Assad as part of the Arab Spring in 2011, the conflict grew into a complex proxy war involving the United States, Iran, Russia, and Turkey. At least 350,000 people have died over the last decade, the United Nations reported in September.
  • Syria's Solar Power Project

    Syria's Solar Power Project
    Patients were dying from a lack of stable electricity in hospitals 480 solar panels were installed saving 7,000 litres of diesel a month at the hospital and allowing the ICU, operating rooms and emergency departments to operate without diesel generators.
  • Syria’s Reconstruction Gold Rush

    Syria’s Reconstruction Gold Rush
    The prospect of lucrative reconstruction deals has triggered a deluge of interest from governments and firms looking to profit from Syria’s devastation. The regime’s closest allies, Russia and Iran, have been the most prominent beneficiaries of the Syria reconstruction gold rush, with China not far behind
  • Peace and Security

    Peace and Security
    Pedersen, who was speaking today at the UN Security Council session on Syria, said that ten years ago, peaceful popular demonstrations were violently suppressed and Syria plunged into a spiral of armed conflict.