• Birth and Family

    Birth and Family
    Syd Barret (born as Roger Keith Barret) was born on January 6, 1946 in Cambridge, England. He lived with his parents and his sister. His parents, Max and Winifred, encouraged music in the family. He once won a piano duet compitition with his sister.
  • Period: to

    Syd Barret

    Syd Barret was an English singer-songwriter, guitarist and painter.
  • Getting His Nickname

    Getting His Nickname
    Roger was given the nickname 'Syd' around the age of 14. The name referenced a local bass player named Sid Barret. Roger spelled it differently because he didn't want anyone getting confused.
  • Starting a Pink Floyd

    Syd knew Roger Waters from elementary school. He met David Gilmour when he was a teenager. Roger Waters had a band with a few of his college buddies including Nick Mason and Richard Wright. The band was called Sigma 6. When two of the six had left, there was room for Syd, along with Rado ('Bob') Klose. After a while, the band changed their name to Pink Floyd. The name was suggested by Syd and based off of US bluesmen Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.
  • First Album with Pink Floyd

    First Album with Pink Floyd
    Pink Floyd signed to EMI Records in 1967, and they released their first album The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. Syd wrote most of the songs on the album such as See Emily Play and Arnold Layne.
  • Adding Gilmour

    Syd started using different types of drugs and the band decided they needed another lead guitarist, so David Gilmour started joining and playing at live concerts. Syd started exchanging guitar techniques with Gilmour and writing songs with him.
  • Leaving Pink Floyd

    Around March, Pink Floyd's maagement, Blackhill Enterprises decided to keep Syd as a solo artist. Syd had left Pink Floyd and continued on with his solo career.
  • Returning to Cambridge

    In August 1974, Peter Jenner convinced Syd to return to Abbey Road Studios in hope of recording another album, but little came of the sessions. Syd withdrew from the music industry and subsequently returned to Cambridge for a life of painting, creating large abstract canvases.
  • An Unexpected Visit

    On June 5, 1975, Syd had noted that he wanted to record one more album with Pink Floyd. So, he showed up at Abbey Road unannounced while the band was recording Shine On You Crazy Diamond, which was a song dedicated to Syd.
  • Death

    Roger 'Syd' Barret died of pancreatic cancer on July 7, 2006. He died at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge. A tribute to Syd was held at London's Barbican Theatre on May 10, 2007.