Swan River Colony

  • The Arrival

    Approx. 400 Free settlers onboard the HMS Sulphur arrived on the land we now call Western Australia.
  • The Owners

    The land was proclaimed by the British. Became known as a 'free settlement'
  • Farming

    First exploration of the Darling Ranges to look for suitable farm land
    *Date is accurate only to the year
  • The Proposal

    In 1931, Colonel Peter Latour asked permission to bring 300 convicts over, but was denied.
  • Growth

    By 1932, there were fifteen hundred people in the 'Swan River' colony.
    (This date is solely for reference, when it is not known what the specific date that it reached this total was.)
  • Fighting Back

    An Aboriginal senior warrior named Yagan, was killed by the British, following the murder of several settlers.
  • Battle of Pinjarra

    A fight broke out between an estimated 80 Indigenous and 15 British settlers. This left one British settler dead and between 25-30 Aboringinals dead.
  • For the first time

    A 15 year old boy, John Gavin was the first European to be legally hanged.
  • A first

    In 1850, the first convicts arrived in Western Australia.
  • Over time

    Between 1850 and 1858, 9,000 convicts were send over on 43 convict voyages.