Suffragette’s important dates

Timeline created by Perine OBEISSART
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  • Arrestations

    Emmelime Pankhurst is arrested twice for protesting at Parliament.
  • Hunger strikes

    Other woman decided to go on hunger strikes in jail.
  • A bill is drafted

    Creation of a committee by a group of MPs. (The WSPU agreed to suspend their militant actions). A bill was drafted but the woman who can vote must be unmarried and property owners. And in the end, the bill was dropped.
  • Police brutality

    Emmeline led a a protest at Parliament. The police’s answer was brutal.
  • Brutalities

    Over 150 arrests and Emmeline’s sister died from her injuries.
  • Emmeline continues

    The WSPU attacked private properties. She is arrested for smashing the prime minister’s window. She was jailed for two months.
    Emmeline and others decide to go on hunger strikes.
  • Emmeline declares war

    The government drops the Manhood Suffrage Bill. Emmeline declares war. She and others decide to attack privates properties such as golf courses.
    Split in the WSPU because of theses actions. Important money donators stop helping the WSPU.
  • Cat and mouse act

    The law allowed the suffragettes to go in and out of jail when they were too weak from the hunger strike, and to go back to jail when they felt better
  • Another arrest

    Emmeline is arrested for trying to give a petition to the king
  • World War One

  • Women can work

    Women are employed in offices, farms, public transports and factories where they were exposed to danger.
  • First right to vote

    Women are finally included in the People Act. If they are over 30 (and other requirements) they can now vote.
  • Equal terms

    Women are granted suffrage on equal terms to man.
  • Death of Emmeline

    Emmeline died in 1928 but a statue marks her fight for women, outside of the parliament.