• 213

    Burning of Books

    The emperor of the Qin Dynasty ordered the burning of books. In the State Library, nearly all of Confucius's books were burned. Shi Huang, the founder of the Qin Dynasty, wished everyone to be united so he imposed the order to burn books.
  • 220

    Great Wall of China

    This wall is a collection of several walls made over the years. With the combined effort of millions of workers, the Wall was finished in 14 years on 206 BC. Over a million workers and the second emperor of the Qin Dynasty died over the duration of the wall.
  • 256

    The End of the Zhou Dynasty

    The Zhou Dynasty ended in 256 BC when the last king of the Zhou Dynasty died. None of the nobles respected the rulers anymore. Also, the sons of the emperor did not claim the title of king. Qin Shi Huang claimed the new title and started Qin Dynasty in 221 BC.
  • 551


    Confucius was a philospher who created Confucianism, the belief of filial piety. He believed that family relations and education were very important. He wrote the Analects, a record of Confucius's ideas. He greatly influenced China and later the entire world.
  • May 26, 1045

    Zhou Dynasty

    The Zhou Dynasty was a dynasty that began when the last Shang Dynasty king Di Xin was defeated. The Mandate of Heaven was created to explain the overthrowing of the Shang Dynasty. King Wen of Zhou defeated Di Xin and later, Wu of Zhou took over as the first king of the Zhou Dynasty.
  • Jul 29, 1045

    Mandate of Heaven

    The Mandate of Heaven was a rule made by the Zhou Dynasty to show the state of the dynsaty. It states that if the current dynasty is good, the people and land will prosper. However, if there are recurring natural disasters, it means the gods are unsatisfied with the current dynasty and a new one must begin.
  • Battle of Mingtiao

    The Battle of Mingtiao was a battle between the Xia Dynasty and the Shang Dynasty. This battle started as a result of a few tribes beginning to rebel against the Xia dynasty. This created the circumstances for Shang to take over as the new dynasty of China.
  • Rise of the Shang Dynasty

    The Shang Dynasty rose at about 1600 BC. It was founded by Tang of Shang, who defeated the last Xia ruler in battle. The people were from around the Huaxia River. They moved around constantly for the first half of the dynasty.