Street Gang, the complete history of sesame street, by Michael Davis, 379 pages, Nonfiction, 744 pages so far

  • 1-26

    Revisiting Jim Henson's funeral, Joan Cooney's life, and the reason that Sesame "Street was started. Morrison noticed how entranced his daughters were with television, and wondered if one could teach by television. The value that Jim Henson (fun + classic humor) contributed to Sesame STreet to make it succeed.
  • p 26-52 (420 pages so far)

    On early children's television shows, and the creater of Captain Kangaroo, the first real children's puppet television show. This not only had things and learning directed at preschoolers, but there were lines meant to go over the kids' heads and be interpreted by their parents too. In this way, the show was a huge success, and it inspired Jim Henson.
  • p 53-117 (487 pages so far)

    Jim Henson's first puppet show, Sam and Friends, was a huge success. Also how Jim met Jane, his wife, and some of the other puppeteers who would eventually become muppeteers, including Frank Oz and Jerry Nelson. Also, the meeting of Morrisett and Cooney and Howe to create a fun and educational children's tv show that aired on Pbs.
    Also covered are early puppet shows ( televised ) and Jim Henson's childhood.
  • p118-218

    several puppeteers left Captain Kangaroo, Sesame Street was purposefully modeld after the brownstones in Harlem so kids would identify with the show, and Sesame Street was chosen as the least bad of the names. Also detailing the life, times, and creation of Bert and Ernie, as well as "lovable, furry old Grover." Also going over how many writers the show went through.
  • p219-319

    On casting human characters for the show, including Sonia Manzano from Godspell, and on practical jokes that were played on Sesame Street set. Also, disabled kids were purposefully included to broaden acceptance. Richard Hunt and Carrol Spinney as puppeteers, including Hunt's bitchy side. Creating Cookie Monster, as well as Elmo, puppeteered by Kevin Clash.
  • p319-379

    Richard Hunt and Jim Henson's death's. Jim's funeral, and how everybody from every puppet show got together just for him. How Richard died of AIDS two years later and Sesame Street had to deal with the loss of two of its greatest puppeteers, including its founder. Where the show is now, including several new characters.