• Sting´s first years

    Sting´s first years
    Gordon Matthew Sumner was born in Newcastle-on-Tyne (England) and after a strict education, he became a teacher. At the same time, he taught himself the guitar, playing Beatles and Rolling Stones hits
  • The Police

    The Police
    He went to London to try his luck and he and Stewart Copeland formed "Police". The group has successes such as Roxanne, Can´t stand losing you and Message in a bottle.
  • The group disappeared

    The group disappeared
    Police made their last tour together with the album Synchronicity which contained hits such as Every breath you take and Wrapped around your finger. It was number 1 in the United States and Great Britain
  • Sting helped the underprivileged

    Sting helped the underprivileged
    He participated in several concerts with Amnesty International, and other concerts to help disabled people and to raise money in aid of famine victims in Ethiopia with other bands and singers such as Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, U2 and Bob Dylan.
  • Sting solo album

    Sting solo album
    He released the album The Soul cages and his career was relaunched
  • Recent years

    Recent years
    Sting continued to combine music with his other preoccupations (acting, ecology, concern for human rights) and he shows no signs of slowing down.