Still Too Young to be a Legend - Pyper's Timeline

Timeline created by pyperdixon
  • Pyper is loved

    Pyper's parents shower the newborn with never ending love and care. They feed him, monitor him constantly and raise him in a warm comforting house alongside his brother Kipp.
    In the first stage of life, trust vs mistrust, the developmental challenge is learning to trust others, which will ultimately lead to a more productive, rewarding life.
  • Pyper integrated into outdoors

    Pyper integrated into outdoors
    Pyper (age 10) is taught the skills necessary to thrive in an outdoor community. His father teaches him to the fundamentals of camping, backpacking and whitewater boating. His mother shows him how to stay warm and cook outdoor meals. Pyper and his brother tackle numerous whitewater rivers together in a tandem inflatable rubber kayak. Pyper thrives in this environment.
    In the fourth stage, industry vs inferiority, the main challenge is finding confidence and learning valued cultural skills
  • Pyper struggles with identity

    Pyper struggles with identity
    Pyper (age 19) struggles to find his identity and place in the world after the passing of his beloved father. He ultimately rebounds, discovering strength through the outdoors and outdoor community. He becomes an outdoor guide that helps shape the coming decade of his life.
    In the fifth stage of life, the main challenge is identity vs identity confusion. One must develop an awareness of who they are, what their talents are, and what their place is within their culture and society.