Steps to Federation

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  • First Moves to Federation

    First Moves to Federation
    Governor, Sir Charles Fitz Roy, suggested that the colonies have a central body to co-ordinate their relationship with Britain.
  • Australian Natives’ Association formed

    Australian Natives’ Association formed
    It was formed to work towards co-operation between the colonies.
  • Railway

    From Sydney to Melbourne was completed, this became the symbol of Australian unity.
  • Henry Parkes Speech

    Henry Parkes Speech
    Parkes spoke in favour of some form of federation. His speech was very famous.
  • Parkes Lost

    Parkes Lost
    After Parkes lost office in 1891, Edmund Barton and Alfred Deakin took over as the main champions of the movement.
  • Voted for Federation

    Referendums were held each state. The colonies voted overwhelmingly for federation, but the referendum failed in NSW.
  • Bill became Law

    A delegation of colonial politicians went to London to discuss the Bill for federation with the British Parliament in March.
  • Australia became a Nation

    The new nation of Australia was proclaimed in Centennial Park, Sydney. 60 000 people gathered to watch the ceremony.
  • First Parliament Opened

    The first parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia opened in Melbourne
  • NSW Government Gave Up Power

    The NSW government ceded the Australian Capital Territory to the Commonwealth government.
  • Naming of Canberra

    The city/capital was officially named Canberra (meeting place).