ss project

By djw
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    ss project

    list of events
  • missouri comprimise

    missouri comprimise
    california became a free state
  • wilmot proviso

    is a law that passed banning slavery in the new mexico teritory
  • california statehood

    california joined the united states as a free state
  • fugitive slave law

    law that let southerners get thier slaves back
  • unkle tom cabin

    a book about how harsh slavery was
  • onsted manifesto

    it was a document that we were trying to get cuba out of spnish hands and away from the u.k and France.
  • kansas-nebraska act

    in this act the kansas nebraska teritiorys opened up for settlment
  • raid on lawerance kansas

    a slave state raids a free state and causes warfare
  • sumners is beaten

    charles sumner is beaten by preston Brooks
  • Dred scott decision

    the u.s supreme court decide wether slaves should be counted as citizens
  • lincoln-douglas devats

    lincoln and douglass were having debates over slavery.
  • harper ferry faid

    it was where john brown tried to start his slave revolt in virginia
  • john brown

    john brown
    a religous abalitionist that tried to start a slave revolt but got captured and exicuted
  • lincoln elected president

    abraham lincoln was elected the 16th president of the united states
  • south carolina secedes

    south carolina is the first to secede out of the confedercy states
  • fort sumter attack

    we moved our forces to fort sumter then we were attack by the south