sport in different eras (Ryan)

  • Jul 18, 1000

    the mayans play the ball game

    the goal of the ball game was to pass the ball around, without having it touch your hands, and to get the ball to pass through one of the rings. since the rings were so high and you weren't aloud to uswe your hands, it was extrmely difficult to get the ball through the rings. in fact, when someone did manage to get the ball through the ring it would normally end the game if not the game would end when the ball hit the floor. the mayans were around in 5000-1500 bc
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    sport in different eras

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    sport in different eras

  • Jul 19, 1003

    the ancient egyptians sport

    Archery Boxing Equestrian Sports Including Chariot Racing Fencing - Sword fights using wooden swords Gymnastics Hockey - an early form of this sport was played as a team sport Rowing Swimming Weightlifting Wrestling Various Ball Games
  • Jul 19, 1100

    sport in the ancient greek era

    according to the legend, the ancient olympic gamesd were founded by heracles (the roman hercules), a son of zues. yet the first olympic games for which we still have records were held in 776 bc (though it is generally believed that the olympics had been going on for years before). at this olympic games a runner, coroebus ( a cook from elis), won the sole event olympics, the stade- a run of approximately 192 metres (210 yards). this made coroebus the very first olympic champion.
  • sport in victorian times

    became extremely popular in Victorian times. Traditional sports like football, cricket and boxing had been played for centuries but now they were given proper rules for the first time. The first Football Association (FA) Cup was played in 1871. This was when many football clubs were set up, ones like Aston Villa and Everton were set up by churches to attract more people to come to church. Others like Arsenal were set up by employers.
  • sport in victorian times

    Football was meant to keep people healthy and to encourage a sensen of fairn play. it wasn't that succesful and free kicks (1877) and penalty kicks (1891) had to be brought in to clap down on foul play.
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    sport in differrent eras

  • 1960s england win the world cup

    in 1966 england won their first ever world cup when they beat west germany 4-2 and we still havent won it again.