Special Education Timeline

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In History
  • Stuart vs. Nappi Conneticut

    This case involves Kathy Stuart, a student that is in her third year of high school. Mrs. Stuart has had many incidents of unacceptable behavior and the school and district are seeking expulsion for her. Although Mrs. Stuart does have valid academic and emotional difficulties that cause her behaviors, the court ruled against the request of the district due to it being inconsistent with IDEA guidelines.This case supports the necessity of students with behaviors to remain in school.
  • Irving Independent School District vs. Tatro

    Amber Tatro was a student in IISD, diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She required a service of catheterization during school hours. The school district believed that they were not responsible to provide this service to the student. They would have to provide training to the person assigned to perform this duty. The court ruled in favor of the students and her parents because her disability qualifies under related services. This ruling provided services to students with multiple needs.
  • Honig vs. DOE

    This case is a direct relation to children with disabilities and education. The student, a seventeen-year-old that suffered for emotional disabilities(ED) that led him to hurt another student. The school suspended him and the district wanted him expelled. The court ruled in favor of the student due to the Education for All Handicapped Children Act. This ruling allows students to remain in a school setting despite their behaviors.