Spanish American War

  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    The Treaty of Paris was signed in Paris by King Goerge III and other respresentatives. The treaty ended the Spanish-American War.
  • Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders

    Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders
    Theodore Roosevelt resigned in 1889 from his position to jointhe war. He joined the 1st US Volunteer Cavalry which would become known as Roosevelt's Rough Riders.
  • USS Maine

    USS Maine
    An American Battleship that exploded and killed over 260 men. The explosion was blamed on the Spaniards and propelled the US into the Spanish-American War.
  • Yellow Journalism

    Yellow Journalism
    Newspapers began competing for readers attention in 1890. They began using large headlines and exaggerated stories to grab attention which was called yellow journalism.
  • US Interests/trade

    US Interests/trade
    American Cuban trade value reached 100 million by 1895. Most of the money came from Cuba's sugar plantations. Other investments were mining, iron, coffee, and tobacco.
  • Cuban Rebellion

    Cuban Rebellion
    Cubans became frustrated with spanish authority and began to rebel. The Reconcentration policy was implemented and by 1998, many had been forced into relocation camps where many died of disease or starvation.
  • Battle of San Juan Hill

    Battle of San Juan Hill
    American forces including Roosevelt's Rough Riders, out numbered spanish forces at San Juan Hill. The US found themselves victorious at the Battle of San Juan Hill