American Imperialism

  • Benjamin Harrison's Inauguration

    Benjamin Harrison's Inauguration
    Benjamin Harrison takes office
  • Period: to

    Benjamin Harrison March 4th, 1889-1893

    Bejamin Harrison was the 23rd president of the United States. Harrison won the election over Grover Cleveland. Harrison's main focus during his presidency was the expansion of American Influence, foreign policy, tariffs, and economic policy. During his presidency the McKinley Tariff Act , the Sherman Antitrust Act, and the Sherman Silver Purchase Act were all passed.
  • Grover Cleveland's Inauguration

    Grover Cleveland's Inauguration
  • Period: to

    Grover Cleveland- March 4th, 1893-1897

    Grover Cleveland was born March 18th, 1837. He was a tough opponet of political corruption. He earned his nickname "guardian president" because of his record-breaking use of veto power and he strengthened the executive branch.
  • William McKinley's Presidency

    William McKinley's Presidency
  • William McKinley's Inauguration

    William McKinley's Inauguration
  • Period: to

    William McKinley- March 4th, 1897- September 14th, 1901

    In 1898n Mckinley led our nation to war with Spain over Cuban idenpendence. The war ende with US gaining Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Guam. McKinley's foreign policy opened doors for the US to play an active role in world affairs. Mckinley and his office supported the "Open Door" policy, his aim was to ensure a strong US posittion in world markets.
  • De Lome Letter was published

    De Lome Letter was published
  • Explosions of USS Maine

    Explosions of USS Maine
  • USS Maine explodes

    USS Maine explodes
  • George Dewey invades the Philipines

    George Dewey invades the Philipines
    George Dewey Invades Philippines
    Commandar Geroge Dewey, American Naval cammandar who seized control of the Philippines.
  • George Dewey invades Philippines

    George Dewey invades Philippines
    [Battle of Manila Bay ](Benjamin Harrison- March 4th 1889-1893Grover
    American Naval cammandar, George Dewey, seized control of the Philippines.
    Cleveland- March 4th 1893-1897William McKinley- March 4th 1897-September 14th 1901Theodore Roosevelt- September 14th 1901, March 4th 1909William Howard Taft- March 4th 1909, 1913Woodrow Wilson March 4th 1913-1921)
  • Battle of Manila Bay

    Battle of Manila Bay
  • Battle of San Juan Hill

    Battle of San Juan Hill
    July 1st, 1898 United States forces and Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders defeated spanish forces at San Juan Hill.
    Rough Riders
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    The treaty that ended the Spanish American War
    Treaty of Paris document
  • China's Open Door Policy - political cartoon

    China's Open Door Policy - political cartoon
    This political cartoon portrays Chin's open door policy created by John Hay. This cartoon shows Uncle Sam holding the key that opened the door of trade with China to the rest of the world. Outside the doors were memebers of the countries that has a large impact on China and who they would later trade with.
  • White Man's Burden- political cartoon

    White Man's Burden- political cartoon
    "White Man's Burden" was a phrase started by Rudyard Kipling to make people believe that white anglo-saxon civilization had an obligation to civilize and help lesser peoples. This cartonn shows Uncle Sam carrying people of different races up a mountain to bring them to our civilization and teach them the proper way of life.
  • Theodore Roosevelt's Inauguration

    Theodore Roosevelt's Inauguration
  • Period: to

    Theodore Roosevelt- September 14th, 1901- March 4th, 1909

    During Roosevelt's presidnecy, his name and imperialism were closely linked. Teddy Roosevelt led the charge on imperialism. For Roosevelt, being an imperialist nation meant securing as many ports and colonies as possible. He wanted to ground America as a world power in both military and trade capacities.
  • Japan & Russia go to war

    Japan & Russia go to war
  • William Howard Taft's Inauguration

    William Howard Taft's Inauguration
  • "Dollar Diplomacy"

    "Dollar Diplomacy"
  • Period: to

    William Howard Taft- March 4th, 1909-1913

    Taft used the US powers to promote American business abroad and create military Imperialism. This was especially aimed towards Asia and Latin America. One of their ways to to find new markets and increase profits for American business was through "Dollar Diplomacy". This meant that they would up foreign investments to maintain order in the nations. He encouraged US banks to loan money to Latin-American countries. This replaced Roosevelt's Big Stick Policy.
  • Woodrow Wilson's Inauguration

    Woodrow Wilson's Inauguration
  • Period: to

    Woodrow Wilson- March 4th, 1913-1921

    Woodrow Wilson was known as someone who tried to stay "neutral". Wilson was even awarded with a Nobel Peace Prize for his attemps in trying to keep world peace. Woodrow proposed the famous 14 points as a part of the Treaty of Versailles. Some of the things he worked on were the Federal Reserve Act, The Clayton Antitrust Act, The Clayton Antitrust Act, Federal Farm Loan Act, Federal Trade Comission Act, and income tax.
  • The Panama Canal offically opens

    The Panama Canal offically opens