Space Mission Timeline Assignment

  • Viking 1-2

    Viking 1-2
    Destination: Mars
    Purpose: Take pictures of Mars' surface
    Findings: Huge canyons, valcanos, and signs of life
  • Voyager 1-2

    Voyager 1-2
    Destination: Close to the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn
    Purpose: To set towards the middle of the solor system
    Findings: Found 48 moons around two planets and the rings
  • Magellan

    Destination: Venus
    Purpose: Take pictures of Uranus
    FIndings: Volcanic flows, highly deformed mountain belts
  • Galileo

    Destination: Jupiter
    Purpose: To view Jupiter's, Venus' and Earth's exterior
    Findings: Two astroids
  • Mars Global Surveyor

    Mars Global Surveyor
    Destination: Mars
    Purpose: To find ancient water on Mars
    Findings: Two gullies on Mars - liquid water, magnetic fields, impact craters
  • Mars Pathfinder, Cassini

    Mars Pathfinder, Cassini
    Destination: Saturn and its moon Titan
    Purpose: Tostudy Titan's atmosphere and the surface of Saturn
    Findings: Dense grasses, water vapor, carbon diozide, and icy satilites
  • Spirit & Opportunity Rovers

    Spirit & Opportunity Rovers
    Destination: Mars
    Purpose: Collect samples
    Findings: Soil