Space Mission Timeline

  • Viking 1-2

    The Viking mission was to rotate around mars and take pictures of the surface. It founded much of mars' main surface features.
  • Voyager 1-2

    Started to explore Jupiter and Saturn. Found 48 moons, unique systems of rings, and magnetic fields those planets possess.
  • Magellan

    The voyager missions were to collect radar images of Venus. It found many surface structures on Venus such as lava channels.
  • Galileo

    Wanted to explore Jupiter to study asteroids. Found comet shoemaker-levy and 9 fragment impacts on jupiter.
  • Mars Global Surveyor

    To study mars and its features. Gullies and debris features as well as sources of liquid water.
  • Mars Pathfinder, Cassini

    To test things out on the martian surface.
  • Spirit & Opportunity Rovers

    Mission to mars. 90501 mission and it found a small crater.