Space Exploration

By linklee
  • First manned lunar landing

    The first man landing on the moon (Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, Jr.) which achieved John F. Kenedy's goal.
  • Smoke detector

    smoke detectorwas first used to detect smoke in skylab, America's first space station.
  • Period: to

    Space shuttle Columbia

    It was ready for it's first flight in March, 25 1979. It was destroyed in Feburary, 1 2003 after 28 missions.
  • Commercial Satalite Dish

    Commercial Satalite Dish
    It was made of heavy fiberglass, and the dish itself, at its smallest size, had a diameter of about ten feet.
  • First Mars rover

    First Mars rover
    The first mars rover was sucessfully created this year. landed on mars in july
    First mars rover
  • NASA developes Super-Black Material

    NASA developes Super-Black Material
    it is used to absorb light across multiple wavelength bands.
  • Invisalign

    It was first made for astronauts and then later was used for dental treatment.
  • Bunker gear

    Bunker gear
    Bunker gear
    This is also used for fire fighers to prevent fire.