Southern Culture

  • Foundation of Jamestown

  • First group of Africans arrive in the US

  • Plymoth Colony

    Formed to acquire religious freedom
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony

    Formed to acquire religious freedom
  • Indentured Servants live out their contracts

    Conditions were very problematic
    Diseases carried readily; very few survived the original 7 year contract.
  • Middleton Plantation

  • Civil War Begins

    The firing on Fort Sumpter
  • Civil War Ends

  • Period: to


    Laborers who contract with the owner of a piece of land in which they farm it for a share of the the proceeds from the crop $. There were extra expenses like equiptment, seeding etc. At times, they start the new harvest season in debt
    * Attempting to survive *
  • Beginning of Industrialization

    The south starts to consider industry (manufacturinig) as an alternate economic enterprise to agriculture. Henry Grady influenced through the Atlantic Journal/Newspaper---"Bring the mills to the cotton" (Knocks out extra expenses)
    Most famous spokesperson that encouraged industrialization