Soto- Supranationalism and Devolution

  • Devolution: United States/ Great Britain

    Devolution: United States/ Great Britain
    Type: Economic
    Countries Created: United States of America
    History/ Explanantion: Great Britain decided to stop fighting because it was costing them to much so they decided to let the U.S. become their own country so they could trade with them
  • Supranationalism: Triple Alliance

    Supranationalism: Triple Alliance
    Countries: Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Italy
    Type: Political/ Military
    Purpose: Believed France threatened peace so they wanted to isolate France
  • Supranationalism: Triple Entente

    Supranationalism: Triple Entente
    Countries: Great Britain, France, and Russia
    Type: Political/ Military
    Purpose: Agree not to attack each other and they're trying to make sure Germany doesn't get power
  • Devolution: Catalonia, Spain

    Devolution: Catalonia, Spain
    Type: Cultural
    Countries Created: None, Catalonia was given autonomy
    History/ Explanation: Catalonia's economic strength was so powerful and Catalonian nations produced 25% of all Spanish exports so they didnt want them to become a seperate country
  • Devolution: Czechslovakia

    Devolution: Czechslovakia
    Type: Political/ Military
    Countries Created: Czech Republic and Slovakia
    History/ Explanation: Czechs and Slovaks divided their country along a new international border because of the pro-split politicians in Slovakia argued that the split was necessary because Slovakia, the smaller part of the Czechoslovak Federation, was often neglected economically, the more important manufacturing factories placed in Czech Republic, while Slovakia's economy was based on agriculture and processing of raw mat
  • Devolution: Ireland/ Great Britain

    Devolution: Ireland/ Great Britain
    Type: Cultural Factors and Political/ Military
    Countries Created: Northern Ireland
    History/ Explanation: In 1923, Ireland experienced the Easter Rising, the Irish War of Independence
    (1919-1921), a civil war (1922-1923), and the partition of the country into two states
  • Supranationalism: PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization)

    Supranationalism: PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization)
    Countries: West Bank, Golan Heights, and Gaza Strip
    Type: Cultural
    Purpose: To push for the Palestinian's independence
  • Supranationalism: EU (European Union)

    Supranationalism: EU (European Union)
    Countries: Denmark, Ireland, UK, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg
    Type: Economic
    Purpose: Restriction that impeded how coal, iron ore, and steel eliminate certain tariffs
  • Supranationalism: NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)

    Supranationalism: NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)
    Countries: United States, Mexico, Cananda
    Type: Economic
    Purpose: The gradual elimination of tariffs and trade restrictions
  • Devolution: United Kingdom/ Scotland

    Devolution: United Kingdom/ Scotland
    Type: Economis
    Countries Created: None, Scotland was given autonomy
    History/ Explanation: Scotland couldn't leave the United Kingdom becausethey had oil and access to the North Sea