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Son the Music of Cuba

  • Son

    Son is one of many forms of Cuban music. Son combines Spanish music and guitar with African rythms and percussion insruments. One of the big derivitives from Son is The Salsa. This type of music is often about love and patriotism, and often consists of melodies in duet, clave, short vocal refrains, and distinctive syncopation. It is classified under the genre of Afro-Cuban music. Son is the most influential forms of Latin American music.
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    Son timespan

  • Early Son

    Early Son
    Son allowed black musicians to recieve income and to enter the market. This music linked the culture of Afro-Cuban. So influenced other genres of music as well. The first known Son group is was the Cuarteto Oriental, which was changed to Sexteto Habanero.
  • Son Becomes Popular

    Son Becomes Popular
    Son become moe popular because of the radio. One reason it became popular was because the president at the tme (Machado) publicly asked a Son group to perform at his birthday. As so went on they added instrument such as keyed cornets, trumpets, and piano
  • Son to Jazz

    Son to Jazz
    In the 1930's Son was no longer the same. Son had become more like jazz
  • Son transforms

    Son transforms
    Arsenio rodriguez became the most influential son player. When mambo and chachacha arrived in the U.S. sin became more popular, though because of the Cuban Revolution son was represented as salsa in the U.S. Afro-Cuban roots also became poular in the 1940's and 50's. The tourism increased and son became more like jazz
  • Current day Son

    Current day Son
    Son is history. Now in modern day Cuba the younger generations listen to what son has tured into (salsa music). Son is represented in other forms of music now. The most important contribution from son is the salsa