Soclal Studies

By kooman
  • 1634 smallpox

    Smallpox spread to North America, South America, South Africa and Australia by the Europeans coming to convert the natives to Christianity. The native people didn't have a cure so thousands of people died.
  • Indian war

    Indian war
    During the war the French and Britain fought to control the land and the native people were trying to be peaceful even though both were trying to get them to fight with them. The French used trading to convince the natives to fight with them.
  • Royal Proclamation

    The Royal Proclamation was issued on Oct 7 by King George the 3rd. This was to help the new North American empire stabilize with the First Nations for trading peace settlement and land purchases.
  • Rupert's Land Act

    The Rupert's Land Act 1868 was a decision made into a law by the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland authorizing the transfer of Rupert's Land from the control of the Hudson's Bay Company. This is the largest land purchase in Canada's history, The transfer occurred in 1869.
  • Treaty #6

    Treaty #6
    Treaty six was done in central Alberta and Saskatchewan
  • Treaty #7

    Treaty #7
    Treaty 7 was an agreement between Queen Victoria and several tribes in what is today the southern portion of Alberta. It was concluded on September 22,1877
  • Louis Riel

    Louis Riel
    Louis Reil fought for canadain rights
  • Treaty #8

    Treaty #8
    treaty eight covered northen Alberta and B.C
  • Alberta and Saskatchewan part of Canada

  • Indian Act

    Indian rights
  • NWT

    The beginning of North West Territories
  • indian Act #2

    Indians rights #2
  • Manitoba refuses to ratify

    Manitoba refuses to the ratify