• soccer

    bulgaria who had never won a fifa world cup match in 16 previous.
  • soccer

    the united states was the setting for a hugely successful 15th fifa world cup which drew record crowds and ended with Brazil celebrating their first world title since 1970.
  • soccer

    colombia defender Andres Escobar was murdered on his return home having scored an own against the united states in a group match that comfirmed the south Americans surprise early elemination.
  • soccer

    Argentina's 1986 hero Diego Maradona meanwhile tested positive for drugs and was expelled from the turnament his team following suit sun soon after by losing a five-goal thriller to Gheroghe Hagi's Romania.
  • soccer

    word cup usa 1994was the most successful event in fifa history demostrating that the united states is without peerin staging major international events and that Americans can embrace the worlds most popular spor.
  • The divine ponytail

    another african team nigeria were 90 seconds away from overcoming Italy in the round of 16 only for Roberto Baggio to rescue the Azzurri's ten men
  • us 1994 coup

    The 1994 world cup final was probably the least interesting game of the entire tournament
  • 3rd place

    When italy and Bulgaria met it was a clash of two very different teams.
  • xv world cup championship

    In an attemp to stimulate interest in "soccer" FIFA chose the United States as a stage for the largest sporting event in the world
  • USA 1994

    the 1994 world cup was held outside of Europe or South America for the very first time in the in its history
  • world cup

    Hosting the world cup was seen as a good marketing move for the future birth of major League soccer