Smiles To Go

  • The Day of the Proton Death

    The Day of the Proton Death
    When Will Terence was a little kid, he lived next to a science prodigy and was ecouraged to wacth him work. But one day, that genuis grabs his attention with protons. He told him the protons could never go away but on this day, that theory & his life changed forever......
  • PD3 (3 days after the proton death.)

    BT skates down Dead Man's Hill.
  • PD8

    Will wins chess tournament.
  • PD20

    Star Party! Will wants to cebrate with BT and Mi-Su but Tabby (littie sister) ruins it for him. This is the night when he discovers his two best friends have a relationship.
  • PD30

    Akward conversations with his friends about "that night"
  • PD44

    Monopoly Night between BT, Mi-Su, & Will. Suspicions that BT and Mi-Su have more than a relationship.
  • PD77

    Will goes to BT's house and finds out that he has alot in common with his strange dad.
  • PD84

    Will reliazies he likes Mi-Su and works on a plan to kiss her.
  • PD88

    Thinking of the plan...................
  • PD89

    Will gets another weird letter from BT's dad. Why does a back scratch feel better coming from somebody else than if you do it yourself?
  • PD90

  • PD97

    MI-Su is Florida. Messed up Will's kiss plan.
  • PD100

    100 days since the proton died. Tabby annoys him more than usual.
  • PD106

    Wil snapped completly snapped over Mi-Su and BT.
  • PD108

    The after-snap. Will's just confused.
  • PD128

    Planing for the kiss.........
  • PD146

    Will finally kisses Mi-Su under the stars.
  • PD176

    Party at Mi-Su's
  • PD225

    Tabby gets seriously hurt trying to skate down Dead Man's Hill, Will has to resign in chess tournament.

    Tabby's "starting 1st grade cermony" Will finally under stands her and holds her hand, walking down the aisle.