Silk Road timeline

  • 100

    Opening of slik road

    1 B.C. is when the silk raod was open by Zhang Qian
  • 100

    Silk in Rome

    Silk if forst seen in Rome, slik clothes became the fashion rage quickly.
  • 100


    3000BC, China breeds silkworms and makes silk and is the first country to do so
  • Period: 100 to Feb 8, 1500


  • 220

    End of Han Dynasty

    Many disagreements and tribal incasions ended the Han Dynasty and China went into choas
  • 400


    Chinese pilgrams started to travel to northen India because it was the sorces of Buddhism
  • 570

    Mohammad is born

    Mohammad, the Prophet, is born in Mecca.
  • Feb 10, 600


    Islam spreads from Arabia to Asia
  • Feb 10, 600

    Xuan Zang leaves

    Buddhist monk Xuan Zang returns back to china with new Buddhist ideas
  • Feb 8, 618

    Tang Dynasty

    The Tang Dynasty rises in China
  • Feb 10, 629

    Buddhist monk Xuan Zang

    Xuan Zang goes to India to study Buddhism
  • Feb 8, 632

    Mohammad's Death

    Mohammad, the Prophet, dies
  • Feb 8, 638


    Christianity takes root in China throught the work of Christian missionaries
  • Feb 8, 907

    Tan Dynasty falls

    The enlightened Tang Dynasty collapses as Buddhism declines.
  • Feb 10, 1206

    United Mongols

    Genghis Khan unites the Mingols and starts to conquer
  • Feb 8, 1279

    Yuan Dynasty

    Yuan Dynasty is established by Kublai Khan
  • Feb 10, 1279

    Mongol Empire at large

    Kubilai Khan conquers south China and this is the time the Mongol Empire is at its biggest
  • Feb 10, 1300

    Black Death plague

    The Black Death plague kills many people and spreads from Europe to Central Asia, following the Silk Road
  • Feb 8, 1368

    Ming Dynasty

    The Ming Dynasty rises after defeating the Mongols
  • Feb 10, 1400

    No more silk

    The Ming Dynasty stops trading silk on the SIlk Road outside of China.
  • Silk Road

    Baron Ferdinand von Richthofen named the road, the Silk Road and the rerm was used for the first time