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Significant events in the Australian church's history

  • The arrival in Australia

    The arrival in Australia
    La Perouse enters Botany Bay and his chaplain, Abbe Mones, celebrates the first Mass within Australian territory.
  • Period: to

    Significant events

  • First Irish convicts arrive in Australia

    The first of the Irish convicts arrive in botany bay and some of these convicts were Catholics.
  • Arrest of Father James Dixon

    Fr James Dixon and two other priests arrested as part of the 1798 Irish rebellion
  • First public mass

  • First priests arrive

    Father John Therry and Father Phillip Connolly arrive in Sydney as Australia's first ever priests.
  • The beginning of St Mary's Chapel

    The foundation stone was laid for St Mary’s chapel.
  • Father therry's removal

    Father Therry removed from his role as the official chaplain.
  • Father Daniel Powers

    Father Daniel Power lands in Sydney to replace Father Terry.
  • St Mary's chapel

    St Mary’s chapel was completed.
  • increase in Catholics in the area

    The Archdiocese has 33 parishes, 30 churches and 35 priests.
  • The bill of abolishment

    The NSW government passes a bill to abolish state aid to religion.
  • The sisters of St Joseph is formed

    Mary Mackillop and Father Julian Tenison Woods founded the Sisters of St joseph.
  • Accusations of Mary Mackillop

    Mary Mackillop was excommunicated by the Bishop of Adelaide because she was thought to incite her sisters to disobedience and defiance.
  • Recommunication of Mary Mackillop

    Mary Mackillop is recommunicated into the church and the sisters are permitted to continue their work.
  • Archbishop Polding dies

    Archbishop Polding died at age 85.
  • The amount of Catholics is increasing rapidly

    The Archdiocese now has 189 churches, 170,000 Catholics and more then 25,000 kids are enrolled at the archdiocese schools.
  • WW1 and Catholics

    WW1 and Catholics
    WWI starts and the Catholics become influential in the labor party.
  • Catholic Prime Minister

    Catholic Prime Minister
    James Scullin becomes the first Australian Catholic Prime Minister.
  • Too much demand

    Catholic schools are overwhelmed by demand, more and more people becoming catholic
  • Death of a Pope

    Death of a Pope
    Death of Pope John XXIII. Mass changes from Latin to English or the main language of a country
  • First pope in Australia

    Pope John Paul visits Australia for the first time.