Significant Computer Inventions of the 90's

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  • World Wide Web

    World Wide Web
    World Wide Web was the first web browser, created in Switzerland by programmer and physicist Tim-Berners-Lee. It allowed users to access the web from a variety of systems and devices. The three fundamental foundations for the web were HTML, URI, and HTTP.
  • Pretty Good Privacy

    Pretty Good Privacy
    Phil Zimmerman, a software engineer, invented Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) as a tool for people to protect their information from governments and businesses. The encryption program secures text messages, emails, and other files.
  • SSD Module

    SSD Module
    A prototype of the SSD (solid state disk) module was developed by IBM, a multinational technology and consulting company. The disk used non-volatile memory chips as a replacement of the spinning disks of a hard disk drive.
  • Newton

    Apple released its first handheld computer, the Newton which was described as a "Personal Data Assistant". The computer featured many of the elements that defined devices like it in the future.
  • Digital Video Disk

    Digital Video Disk
    The Digital Video Disk (DVD) was introduced by groups made up mainly of Japanese technology companies. The DVD's storage capacity was a huge increase from the Compact Disc (CD). They were widely used by the film industry for consumer release of movies, and had improved audio and video quality, interactivity and lifespan.