Siege Craft History

  • Albania is disbanded

    Saul Goodman (.DandeGONG) decides to not go on with making Albania and joins the Greek, helping the community become larger.
  • server opening

    The server is open to the public. at this point, all plugins have been added including towny (for factions), coreprotect, and the era plugin, which doesnt let you get certain ores during that era. the first era was the stone age, you couldn't progress above stone ore. there is also a warp plguin which allows you to teleport to continents including Central Europe, centralAsia, oceania and north america.
  • Greece is founded

    Greece is founded
    Greece is founded with Tinkered_, and Toothless201003, creating Athens as their capital. Saul Goodman (.DandeGONG) to helps move animals to Athens
  • Period: to

    Age of Greece

    This is the timespan between the time of Greece's founding, to when it merged with Japan
  • Kriti (crete) is created

    Kriti (crete) is created
    the town of Kriti (crete) is created, the mayor being .toothless201003
  • Czech Republic made

    Czech Republic made
    Harshonacho joins the server, making his own faction, czech, right next to the warp to central europe. barely progressing
  • Iron Age

    The stone age ends, now the players can get all ores up to iron level (stone, stone variants and iron)
  • Period: to

    Iron Age

    this timespan covers the period form the start of the iron age, to the start of the age of technology
  • Greece is growing

    As the server is gaining more members, more and more are joining Greece, at this point Greece has reached 7 members, while the server had 10, Greece having 70 percent of the player base
  • Wabi-Sabi is created

    Wabi-Sabi is created
    a member by the name of P3n1ZAurus, joins and makes a journey with Tinkered_ (leader of Greece) to Japan, helping Penisaurus make Wabi-Sabi
  • Bucuresti is Created

    a user by the name of FriendlyDog, makes a town called Bucuresti (bucharest) in hopes for making the country of romania in the future
  • Czech Dissolves

    Czech runs out of funds to upkeep their nation, Harshonacho decides to band up with well known catalyst of war, Mc_Cookiezs (bash) to make a nation in the Danish island of Bornholm
  • Isla Chicken is founded

    Popular Catalyst of War and former leader of Czechia band together to form the country of Isla Chicken in the Danish island of Bornholm
  • tensions arise with isla chicken

    Isla Chicken decides to set greece as an enemy, attempting to trap the leader of Greece (Tinkered_) 3 times, gaining nothing but traction. Tinkered prepares greece's defences.
  • tensions escalate with Isla Chicken

    the members of Isla chicken launch a full on attack on all members of Greece, not knowing how to properly attack greece. Tinkered_, the king of greece has had enough and gives in to tempetation
  • The King's departure

    Tinkered, the king of Greece has had enough of the war and being the leader and leaves Greece, giving full power to Saul Goodman (DandeGONG_). there was a mistake in the crowning, athens left greece and since the last remnant of Greece (the nation) was Kriti, Toothless201003 was the new king, although still following orders from Saul
  • Greece Unification

    Greece is now in the brink of collapse with looming war and having the former king leave. The new king, Saul Goodman (.DandeGONG) decides to merge with his greatest ally, Japan, making Dainihon Greater Japan. Japan is now bigger than greece ever was.
  • Wool Renaissance

    Mc_cookiezs and Harshonacho discover that wool goes for 7 dollars per piece, allowing members to get 1.5k from around 4 stacks of wool, inflation is bound to happen while the economy booms (going to shit eventually)
  • Gold is unbanned

    the new age hasn't come (age of technology/redstone), but gold is now publicly available to mine
  • Isla Chicken invokes war with Sweden

    Harshonacho, member of isla chicken attacks Sweden, invoking war. the mini war is shortly forgiven after Tinkered offers an enchanted axe (impossible at this point) as war bonds
  • Sweden is Created

    XFLAME666 makes Sweden, originally mistaking it for poland due to the fact that he couldnt read the map
  • Dubai is created

    Tinkered_ , now a member of Isla_chicken makes another town in Dubai called dubai, being completely autonomous
  • Gold is unbanned in the overworld

    it is not the start of a new era, but gold is unbanned in the overworld, now allowing you to mine, sell & use gold
  • Mobs are now purchasable

    You can now purchase mobs, allowing you to buy farm animals such as horses, sheep, and chicken for 1k or more. prices may change
  • Age of Technology begins

    Tinkered_ starts the age of technology, unbanning redstone contraptions and redstone, bring more activity onto the server
  • Guy Fawkes plot on the Bazaar

    Saul Goodman (.DandeGONG), builds a bazaar in Dubai two days before, he sells a stall to .XFLAME666 , who planted tnt under the chunk of the stall he owned. he blamed it on members of Isla Chicken but this is soon found out to be false. Xflame666 is now prohibited from entering the Bazaar
  • Threats on Dubai

    Harshonacho Threatens to ban Dubai, TInkered's town from Isla Chicken because according to him, DarkSoulsJnr, a member of the town of Japan used tnt launchers on Isla Chicken, and for not banning DarkSoulsJnr for supposedly exploiting. all threats were quickly found out to be lies, and DarkSoulsJnr remains innocent.
  • The DCS is created

    The DCS is created
    the Diplomacy Coalition of Siegecraft, otherwise known as the united nations is created in hopes of bringing activity, peace, and making a hub for diplomacy. The centre of the DCS, geneva will be held on neutral grounds and will not be owned by any nation.
  • Night Monkey Strikes!

    A mysterious entity by the name of Night Monkey attacks sweden in the night, creating lava castes and griefing unprotected lands, watching like the prowler, night monkey has seen all the karma of sweden build up and griefes it, leading to its end
  • Sweden Dissolves

    The night monkey attacking Sweden while the members are offline traumatises the members of sweden who worked so hard to make their town but couldnt claim the unprotected areas. Xflame666 dissolves sweden.
  • britain is made

    Injuring Glint, a founding member of Sweden leaves the town and seeks out new beginnings, she ends up resettling in Middlesborough in England, creating the faction of Britain
  • Poglandia is found

    Xflame666's nation, sweden, dissolves and he moves to western sweden to make Poglandia, he is by himself with only his alt and no allies, maybe still under the grasp of the claws of night monkey?
  • UAE (Dubai) declares independance

    Tinkered_ , the leader of the UAE (formerly known as dubai) declares dubai independant from Isla Chicken