Sia 1000 forms of fear


  • Sia

    Sia Kate Isobelle Furler was borned in Adelaide, the 5th biggest city of Australia. Her parents were Loene Furler and Phil B. Colson.
  • Sia's first music group

    Sia's first music group
    Sia started in the 90's dedicatin into the music and creates a group called 'Crisp'.
  • Sia went to Italy

    Sia went to Italy
    Sia went to Italy and there one DJ heard her and propose her a contract, she started singing alone.
  • A car accident

    A car accident
    Sia's boyfriend dead in a car accident when Sia was in Tailand for a few days
  • Sony music

    Sony music
    Sia sign with Sony Music to make songs.
  • Go Beat records

    Go Beat records
    Sia sign one contract with Go Beat records to sing with more famous singers
  • Erik Anders Link

    Erik Anders Link
    Sia married with him for the second time
  • Hunger Games

    Hunger Games
    Sia's song, Elastic Heart, closed the first film of 'The Hunger Games'
  • This is acting

    This is acting
    Sia publiced this disco, she become worldwide known, one of her more known of her sings are 'Cheap Thrills' and 'Alive'.