Settlement of the Thirteen English Colonies

By pyang16
  • Virginia

    Settled by The London Company because they needed valueble goods like furs and timber
  • Massachusetts

    Founded by the sepertists also known as the pilgrims who wanted to practice their own religion freely
  • New Hampsire

    Two groups of English Settlers settled in New Hampsire in 1623, and they created a fishing town near the Pisquata river. In 1638, John Wheelwright wrote the compact.
  • Maryland

    Maryland was founded by the Calverts because they wanted religious freedom for Catholics. They received their charter in 1632 .
  • Connecticut

    The charter was written in 1639. Thomas Hooker founed the colony.
  • Rhode Island

    Rhode Island was established in 1636. It was settled by by Roger Williams, Who had been kicked out of Massachusetts in 1635 for supporting religous and governmental freedom. Ann Williams followed Williams in 1638 and set-up a second settlement. The charter was issued in 1663.
  • North Carolina

    This colony was settled in 1653. In 1691, the northern Carolina region was recognized by the king as the northern part and was named "North Carolina". This colony started out as a Proprietary but recieved a charter in 1729 from King George II.
  • South Carolina

    South Carolina was created by King Charles II in 1663 and the same year the charter was issued. In 1719 the colony became a royal colony meaning it was ruled by the Monarch
  • New Jersey

    After the English took control of New Netherland from the Dutch of York granted the land between the Hudson and Delaware Rivers to Lord Berkly and sir George cartreet
  • Delaware

    In 1664, England obtained Delaware after the English defeated the Dutch. The Dutch was awared to William Penn but
  • New York

    New York was settled in 1626 by the Dutch.but King Charles II wanted to gain more power.
  • Pennsylvania

    Pennsylavia was settled by a Quaker named Willaim Penn. The colony charter was written in March 4, 1681
  • Georgia

    Georgia was origanally part of the Carolinas, but when King George II wanted to give more chances to the under class of the English, he granted the land of Georgia to an English general, named James Oglethorpe. The charter was granted to James Oglethorpe in 1732. Oglethorpe Etablished this colony as a refugue for debters in England.