Sequence of Events That Led to the German Unification

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  • Zolleverin

    Prussia created an economic union called the Zolleverein. And this took off many tarrifs off of German States. Also, Zolleverin brought some unity to German States.
  • Liberals Meeting

    Liberals Meeting
    Liberala demand German political unity during the Frankfurt Assembly meeting.
  • Otto von Bismarck delivers his "blood and iron" speech

    Otto von Bismarck delivers his "blood and iron" speech
    This speech is basically a speech given about the unification of the German States.
  • Bismarck Unites Germany

    Bismarck Unites Germany
    After King William I makes Bismarck the chancellor, Bismarck uses his "blood and iron" policy to unite the German States under Prussian power
  • Prussia Fights Austria

    Prussia Fights Austria
    Prussia become victorious from this war and gains control over north German states.
  • Franco-Prussian War

    Franco-Prussian War
    This war later leads to the victory of Prussia and the new formation of the German Empire
  • Birth of the German Empire

    Birth of the German Empire
    After the victory of Prussia against France, the princes of the German States wanted King William I to be emperor of the German States. And this was the birth of the second Reich, or empire.
  • Period: to

    Napoleon Raids German Lands

    Napoleon made major territorial changes to the German speaking nation. He even disolved the Holy Roman Empire.