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  • slaves attempt to murder

    slaves attempt to murder
    20 slaves attempt to kill a slave manager of La Gossette.
  • Troops arrive

    Troops arrive
    Sonthonax and two other Commissioners arrive in Saint-Domingue with 6,000 troops.
  • Northern Province Slaves Free

    Northern Province Slaves Free
    Commissioner Sonthonax emancipates 15,000 slaves (basically freeing the northern province of the island) who had helped to defeat General Galbaud. ALSO Toussaint uses the name L'Ouverture in an official paper for the first time.
  • Quasi War

    Quasi War
    Jay's Treaty between Britain and the U.S. angers the French and leads to the Quasi-War.
  • Toussaint Commander in Chief

    Toussaint Commander in Chief
    Sonthonax appoints Toussaint Commander in Chief.
  • Captured

    Toussaint arrives in Le Cap with a large force and begins the process of forcing Sonthonax to leave Saint-Domingue.
  • War of Knives

    War of Knives
    The War of Knives begins between Rigaud and Toussaint.
  • Riguad

    Toussaint -- aided by naval support from the U.S. and Britain -- defeats Rigaud through blockade and seizure. Rigaud escapes to Guadeloupe
  • Slavery Abolished

    Slavery Abolished
    Toussaint conquers Santo Domingo (the Spanish side of Hispaniola); he now controls the entire island and abolishes slavery throughout.
  • Treaty of Aranjuez

    Treaty of Aranjuez
    Treaty of Aranjuez is signed between France & Spain. Spain agrees to cede the North American territory of Louisiana to France.
  • Toussaint Dies

    Toussaint Dies
    Toussaint dies at Fort de Joux.
  • French Leave

    •French Capitulation in Saint-Domingue - Document signed on the day following the Battle of Vertières.
    •The last French troops leave Saint-Domingue.