Scottsdale Community College

  • Arizona Statehood

    Arizona Statehood
    February 14, Arizona becomes a state
  • Period: to

    SCC Beginnings

    Arizona Maricopa Community College SCC Beginnings
  • Phoenix Union High School

    Phoenix Union High School
    Phoenix Union High School enrolls its first 2 postgraduate students.
  • Phoenix Junior College

    Phoenix Junior College
    Phoenix Junior College. Enrollment begins at 60 students and grows to 10,000 by 1968.
  • Scottsdale

    The town of Scottsdale is incorporated.
  • MCC

    330 students register for classes the first semester at Mesa Community College. (by 1967 more the 2,700 are enrolled)
  • Scottsdale's first major park

    Scottsdale's first major park
    Eldorado Park, Scottsdale's first major park, is built.
  • extension on MCC

    extension on MCC
    Scottsdale Community College opens as Mesa Community College Extension with 100 evening courses offered at Scottsdale High School.
  • SCC

    Scottsdale Community College begins classes at Scottsdale High School and North Scottsdale Baptist Church
  • Artie

    Scottsdale Community College begins classes at its permanent site with portable buildings with 948 students on the Salt River Community land. Artie the artichoke, mascot is chosen to show disagreement with budgeting.
  • Maricopa Community College

    Maricopa Community College
    U.S. News & World Report contains an article about the Maricopa County Community College District. “Enrolling some 177,000 full-time students on its 10 campuses, the Maricopa system has become the model for community involvement – launching programs to aid everything from literacy to small business start-ups.
  • Center for Native and Urban Wildlife

    Center for Native and Urban Wildlife
    cnuw Center for Native and Urban Wildlife, established. By 2012 accomplishments include: Designed and built the Greenhouse/Vivarium, outdoor Propagation Yard and Toad Hall.,Successfully reared the threatened Ramsey Canyon Leopard Frog., Became a repository for the Desert Pupfish and the Gila Top Minnow. Created a teacher education packet with curriculum including state standards, and Established “Club CNUW” as a campus-based club
  • SCC degrees and certificates

    SCC degrees and certificates
    Scottsdale Community College now has over 150 degrees and certificates Biology Department is partnering with ASU Polytechnics Applied Biological Sciences Department to offer a 2+2 program toward ASU’s BS degree in Wildlife and Restoration Ecology in the fall. In this program, students finish the last two years taking the upper division requirements at the ASU Polytechnic Campus. Typical jobs would be: wildlife biologist, game biologist, habitat specialist, wildlife planner, game warden or ranger