Scott Larson's Timeline of Assessment in the US

By larsons
  • Harvard Written Exams

    Harvard Written Exams
    Harvard University first introduces the use of written exams.
  • Boston Exams

    Boston Exams
    Schools in Boston MA, that are government funded, introduce the use of written exams.
  • Harvard Entrance Exams

    Harvard Entrance Exams
    Harvard University begins using written exams in order for students to gain admittance.
  • College Entrance Examinations Board

    College Entrance Examinations Board
    The Collage Enrance Eaxamination Board is established in order to set up a cetral system for college ebterance examinations.
  • Multiple Choice Test

    Multiple Choice Test
    The multiple choice test is invented and provides a new era in test measurement.
  • IQ Test

    IQ Test
    At Stanford University, Lewis Terman develops the Stanford-Binet IQ test, which becomes the standard for IQ testing.
  • Scotlastic Aptitude Test

    Scotlastic Aptitude Test
    Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is developed. Multiple choice exam designed to measure potential student aptitude.
  • Period: to

    Need for Educational Standards

    Massive influx of immigrans calls for the need for educational standards in order to be objective and scientific. The goals is that the new standards and methods will be fair to children of different backgrounds.
  • Period: to

    Multiple Choice Emergence

    The use of multiple choice testing overtakes the use of essay formatted testing.
  • Period: to

    Controlling Educationsl Excellence

    In order to better help school cope with the problems of measureng testing and assessment, the measure and control of educational excellence is given more to the government and higher education.
  • National Assessment of Educational Progress

    National Assessment of Educational Progress
    The National Assessment of Educational Progress is established to assess the progress of education in the US.
  • Period: to

    NAEP and State

    The NAEP begins to assess the performance of each state as well as that of the overall nation.
  • ACT Testing Redesigned

    ACT Testing Redesigned
    The American College Testing Assessments are reformatted to place more emphasis on abstract thinking and not as much emphasis on the mutiple choice type exam. The SATs follow suit.
  • No Child Left Behind

    No Child Left Behind
    The No Child Left Behind Act is established with the intention that all American students will pass state tests ensuring they are proficient in certain academic areas.