Science Timeline

  • Period: to

    Mars Landings

  • It Started

    It began in 2003 with sending two rovers called Spirit and Opportunity to explore the surface of Mars.
  • Lost Connection

    The 'Spirit' lost connection and many though it had to do with the storm that had happened the exact day in Australia.
  • Extension

    On April 8, 2004, NASA announced that it was extending the length of the rovers mission from three to eight months.
  • Celebration

    In the year 2005 both of the rovers on mars would have a 1 year anniversary roving around the planet of Mars.
  • Brocken Wheel

    In 2006, one of the wheels of Spirit's had fallen off. I dont know how but they got it back on.
  • Martain Dust

    In July 2007, during the fourth mission extension, Martian dust storms blocked sunlight to the rovers and threatened the ability of the rovers to 'live' for much longer.
  • Expences

    The fifth mission extension was granted in October 2007, and runs to the end of 2009. The total cost of the first four mission extensions was $104 million.
  • Success

    The one of the rovers that had been stuck had made it's way out of it, and it took three days to do so
  • Rover Stuck On Mars

    On May 1, 2009, during its fifth mission extension, Spirit became stuck in soft soil on Mars. Eventually will get out, maybe
  • Summit

    In 2005 one of the rovers reached a summit called Husband Hill.