School Tech Vision 2015-20

Timeline created by Greggridenour
  • Beginning: All teachers iPad/Tablet

    All teachers have iPad/Tablet to use in their daily instruction. Some mobile techonology cart for student classroom use. Begin to attend professional development to enhance their iPad usage.
  • Student iPad/tablets cart

    Student iPad/tablets cart
    Portable student carts arrive and are put into use for student research and learning
  • Learning Lab

    Learning Lab in place, open for free exploration during lunch. Block time for classes. Also used for intervention/enrichment classes
  • iPad carts 2 per grade level

    New purchase to double available ipad for students. Focus leaving research and moving to inter-active learning,
  • Teachers design Problem-Solving Models

    Teachers design Problem-Solving Models. iPad and Apps
    Modeling for students
    Student Explore
  • Students design models to sovle problems

    Students using technology for more than research, identifying a problem and using technology to find solutions.
  • iPads carts increased to 3 per grade level

    iPads carts increased to 3 per grade level
    Each year we are adding to our ability to use technology to enhance learning. Students and teachers working together to learn about the real world and its real problems.
  • The finishline technology fully developed

    The finishline technology fully developed
    Finally a 1 to 1 campus. Technology being used in a classroom on a daily basic. technology being use by teachers to present learning and information, students using technology for finding solutions in their project based education
  • 2020

    We had a great year of teachers and students collaboratively working together to seeking out interesting situations and jointly finding solutions. Students exploring all the technological tools at their fingertips.