School of the Future

  • BYOD - Finally

    BYOD - Finally
    After hemming and hawing, district officials FINALLY realize that despite AB1575, students DO have access to technology and its in our best interest to support a BYOD policy rather than replenish technology on soft money year after year.
  • A better renovation...PBL

    A better renovation...PBL
    The rows are gone... finally. Let's let the students choose how the classroom is arranged, as they engage in Project Based Learning aligned to Common Core State Standards.
  • Teacher as Facilitator

    Teacher as Facilitator
    Teacher As Facilitators - New Hampshire Digital Research ConsortioumYes, the teacher is the FACILITATOR. He/she is no longer on their stage, in the center of their classroom. The classroom belongs to the students and the teacher is merely their guide.
  • The End of Standardized Testing

    The End of Standardized Testing
    Finally.... cut through the red, beauracratic tape.... and stop allowing the rich to get richer... stop allowing the politicians to make decisions that they have NO idea about....
  • PBL....it's here to stay

    PBL....it's here to stay
    George Lucas Education Foundation
    Project Based Learning will be the form of assessment from this point forward. And GLEF was the early pioneer!