Samuel B. Supranationalism & Devolution

  • U.S./Great Britain (Devolution)

    U.S./Great Britain (Devolution)
    The U.S.'s orginal region it belonged to was the British Empire. The British Empire allowed the U.S. to devolutionize from them for economic reason's such as Great Britain not wanting to pay a large amount of money for a war and so that they could trade with the U.S. in the future and still be allies.
  • Triple Alliance(Supranationalism)

    Triple Alliance(Supranationalism)
    This alliance consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. It was created for a political/military purpose because it's cause was that it would prevent France from attacking Germany
  • Triple Entente (Supranationalism)

    Triple Entente (Supranationalism)
    It consisted of Great Britain, France, and Russia. It was for a military/political purpose because it was for a alliance and so that France and Russia could trust Great Britain not to attack them.
  • Axis Powers(Supranationalism)

    Axis Powers(Supranationalism)
    This alliance consisted of Germany, Italy, and Japan. This alliance was created for a military purpose in order to unite Germany, Italy, and Japan for world war two.
  • OPEC (Supranationalism)

    OPEC (Supranationalism)
    This organazation consisted of multiple countries such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. It was created for a mutual economic standpoint so that they may operate oil in the Middle East by controlling and distributing oil to other countries around the world.
  • PLO (Supranationalism)

    PLO (Supranationalism)
    This organazation consisted of Israel, Egypt, and Palestine. It was created for a cultural purpose in order to unite the Palestinians and protect their rights and putting them together
  • Soviet Union (Devolution)

    Soviet Union (Devolution)
    When the Soviet Union broke apart countries such as Ukraine and Kazakhstan. These countries were wanting to leave the Soviet Union in order to make their own governments. This devolution was for a political/military purpose.
  • Hawaii/ U.S. (Devolution)

    Hawaii/ U.S. (Devolution)
    Hawaii is from the original country of the U.S. Hawaii wishes for Independence because they were wanting land back that belonged to their ancestors that was taken away from them during the U.S. "occupation". Today the U.S. has given little or no consent to the people of Hawaii for returning their land. This devolution was for a cultural purpose.
  • Czechoslovakia(Devolution)

    Both the Czech Republic and Slovakia used to be apart of Czecholslovakia. However after Czechoslovakia recieved freedom from communism rule they had high rates of unemployment. So to fix this the country drifted into 2 different countries. Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The economy of the two countries slowly improved and returned to normal health. Czech Republic soon joined the E.U. and Slovakia wishes to join the E.U. soon. This devolution was for a economic purpose.
  • Scotland/U.K. (Devolution)

    Scotland/U.K. (Devolution)
    Scotland is currently apart of the U.K. region still. However Scotland tried to push for Independence because when the U.K. joined the E.U. some Scottish nationalists thought it would put them at a disadvantage. So the Labor Party in London gave Scotland the power to be devolution but not a independent state. So Scotland has been granted autonomy. This was a economic type of devolution.