Russian Timeline

  • Revolution of 1905 and the October Manifesto

    Image: The First State Duma
    This image was chosen because it represents the promises made by Nicholas II in the October Manifesto to end the 1905 Revolution.
  • Beginning of WWI

    Image: The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    This image was chosen because the assassination was what finally sparked World War I after the rising tensions in Europe.
  • Czar Nicholas II Takes Sole Control of Military Operations

    Image: Nicholas II in command of the army during WWI
    This image was chosen because it shows his presence in the military, but no real fighting due to his lack of military aptitude.
  • Assassination of Rasputin

    Image: Rasputin with Tsarina Alexandria
    This image was chosen because it shows the close relationship Rasputin had with the tsarina, causing him to be assassinated.
  • International Women's Day March in Petrograd

    Image: Protesters on International Women's Day in Petrograd
    This image was chosen because it shows the great unity of people who were against the tsar's actions.
  • Provisional Government Formed

    Image: Provisional Government
    This image was chosen because it shows a committee of the Provisional Government deciding how to rule Russia after Nicholas II abdicated his power.
  • Nicholas II Abdicates

    Image: One of the last images of Nicholas II before execution
    This image was chosen because it shows Nicholas II when he was in captivity after being forced to abdicate the throne. This shows how the people felt about his actions, even after his abdication.
  • Return of Lenin from Exile

    Image: Lenin's Return
    This image was chosen because it shows the welcome that received Lenin due to the upcoming rise of Bolsheviks who would eventually take over Russia.
  • April These Published

    This image was chosen because it displays Lenin giving the April Theses and the Russian community supporting it due to the promises of the April Theses (more specifically by the peasants).
  • First All-Russian Congress of Soviets meets

    This image shows the first convention of first-All Russian Congress of Soviets further emphasizing the unified state and solidarity in electing a central executive committee.
  • Brusilov Offensive

    This image shows the attack onto the broad front of Galicia and significantly displays where Russian armies attacked into Galicia and Austria-Hungary.
  • July Days

    This image shows people rioting during the July Days and effectively demonstrates the extent of the social unrest and the danger that are experienced by these protestors.
  • Kornilov Affair

    This image shows a picture of military forces in a truck mobilizing during the Kornilov affair and significantly displays the fight for power within the Russian political system between the many political figures.
  • Trotsky organizes Red Guard to defend Petrograd

    The image shows Trotsky addressing the red guard and further shows Trotsky's significant influence and impact on the volunteers within the red guard.
  • Bolsheviks overthrow the Provisional Government and take control

    This photo shows the Bolshevik army outside of the Provisional Government and displays the power and strength of the Bolshevik army.
  • Cheka formed

    This image was chosen due to the apparent coercive nature displayed by driving worker protesters into an helpless position; therefore, showcasing their effectiveness to subdue opposition.
  • Constituent Assembly meets and is disbanded

    This image displays the massive event this conference was for the assembly and accentuates the large amount of anti-Bolshevik Right SRs that Bolsheviks needed to be wary of withholding power.
  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

    This map is significant as it reveals the large amount of territory exchanged from Russia to grant their removal from WW1. This marks a massive decrease in regional power against the other major
  • Wartime Communism created

    This image was chosen because it demonstrates the inefficiency of War Communism and its strict policies by monitoring workers against their will while providing minimal necessities.
  • Red Terror

    This image showcases the large scale of violence used to surround disloyal civilians and make them submit to Bolshevik rule. The blatant helplessness is portrayed through their lives being threatened and having to walk alongside them for survival.
  • Kolchak (one of the White leaders) begins serious attacks against Reds from Siberia

    This image was chosen because it displays the gruesome execution of regional soviets, which reveals their targeted attacks against the Reds as the beginning of ‘White Terror.’
  • Ukraine brought under Soviet control

    This image was chosen because the mass army containing weaponry and marching to invade Ukraine indicates the inevitable control the Soviet will obtain upon them. The solidarity shown amongst the soldiers establishes the unified approach to forcefully overtake Ukraine as a potential new state of the Soviet Union.
  • Poles move toward Kiev

    Image: Polish soldiers on bridge in Kiev
    This image was chosen because it shows the polish army pushing out the Bolsheviks from Kiev
  • Soviets attempt to take Warsaw

    Image: Polish defenses near Warsaw
    This image was chosen because it shows the polish army and how they were preparing for the battles
  • Tambov Rebellion

    Image: Where the Revolt spread to
    This image was chosen because it shows where the revolt spread to and can show how big and impactful it was
  • Kronstadt uprising

    Image: The Red Army attcking thoose involed in the Kronstadt rebellion
    This image was chosen because it shows the What the red army did during the rebellion and what they did to stop it
  • Ending of Wartime Communism

    Image: Newspaper clipping about the NEP
    This image was chose because it talks about the NEP or the policy that was created after war communism
  • Treaty of Rapallo

    Image: Negotiators of the treaty greeting each other
    This image was chosen because it shows all of the people involved in the the negotiation of the treaty
  • Formation of Soviet Union

    Image: The Soviet Union
    This image was chosen because its shows where the Soviet union is and it's boundaries
  • Lenin dies

    Image: Lenin's dead body
    This image was chosen because it is an image of his embalmed body which the kept out for people to see