Russian flag wallpaper


By DanielF
  • Satlin takes command of Russia

    The dicator of Russia, Satlin, takes control of the country right after Lenin's death.
  • Nehru first visit to Russia

    To celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, Nehru reaches the country and states that "India and Russia are neighbours, there can be amity or enmity; indifference is out of questions".
  • Stalin's opinion towards India

    Stali writes ans states that “The leaders of the bourgeoisie hope to create a blood bath in these countries [India], rely on the police bayonets, and appeal to the help of people like Gandhi,”
  • Period: to

    Second World War

  • Potsdam Conference

  • Krisna Menon met with Molotov in Paris to dicuss India and USSR relations

    Menon discuss with Molotov about how can USSR support India in two aspects:
    -The possibility of USSR to suply food grains to India to prevent famine.
    -The desirability of estabilishing diplomatic contacts.
  • Annoucement made that India and Russia's diplomatic relations are created

  • Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit became India's embassador to the Soviet Union

    Nehru's sister, the first woman to hold a political cabinet in India, became the representat of India in Russia.
  • The Moutbatten Plan and partition of India is announced

  • Indian Independence Act