• Creation

    Rugby was created in 1820 in a school in Warwickshire, England.
  • First Team

    First Team
    1843: Rugby School alums form Guy's Hospital Football Club in London
  • Rules

    First Rugby rules are created by students.
  • Expansion

    Rugby clubs formed at Harvard, Princeton, and Yale Universities in the United States
  • Rugby Ball

    Rugby Ball
    A rugby ball is displayed at the World's Fair in London
  • First Game

    First match played in Scotland between the Royal High School and Merchiston in Edinburgh
  • Banning

    Yale University bans rugby for being too violent
  • New Zeeland

    First rugby club in New Zealand (Christchurch Football Club) established
  • New Zeeland Vs. Nelson

    first rugby match in New Zealand played between Nelson College and Nelson Football Club
  • First international Match

    first international match played between England and Scotland in Edinburgh
  • Sevens

    First rugby sevens match played in Melrose, Scotland
  • Paid Player

    Paid Player
    20 clubs from the North of England resign from the RFU to form their own union, eventually to be referred to as the Rugby Football League, creating a new type of rugby with slightly different rules but that allowed players to be paid to play
  • Olympic Rugby

    France wins rugby gold medal in summer Olympics in Paris
  • United States

    United States
    United States plays first international match against Australia
  • U.S Wins Gold

    United States wins rugby gold medal in summer Olympics in Antwerp, Belgium
  • International Rugby 7's

    First rugby sevens match played outside of Scotland (North Shields, England)
  • First Number jerseys

    The International Rugby Board introduced numbering on jerseys.
  • Another Win For U.S

    United States wins rugby gold medal in summer Olympics in Paris
  • Rugby Union

    The original Rugby Union of Canada was founded in September, 1929, and lasted until the outbreak of the War in 1939
  • All Blacks

    October 31st, The Fourth All Blacks began their tour with a convincing 24-0 win against the Southern Counties at Hove Greyhound Stadium
  • American Rugby Club

    United States of America Rugby Football Union founded
  • Hong Kong 7's

    first Hong Kong Sevens tournament held
  • Maccabiah Games

    Rugby added to Maccabiah Games, making it the only international rugby competition in which South Africa is permitted to compete
  • First World cup

    The first Rugby World Cup was held in New Zealand and Australia,
  • England World Cup

    England hosts the second Rugby World Cup, which Australia wins
  • First Non-Racial Team

    all-white South Africa Rugby Board and non-racial South African Rugby Union merge to form South Africa Rugby Football Union
  • Australia Cup

    Australia hosts the fifth Rugby World Cup, which England wins
  • New Zeeland World Cup

    New Zealand hosts and wins the seventh Rugby World Cup
  • Wales Cup

    Wales hosts the fourth Rugby World Cup, which Australia wins
  • South Africa

    South Africa hosts and wins the third Rugby World Cup