Rostrum Records

  • The Birth

    The Birth
    Rostrum Records is founded by President Benjy Grinberg in 2003.
  • Rostrum Brings Wiz Into The Game

    Rostrum Brings Wiz Into The Game
    Wiz Khalifa is signed to Rostrum Records at 16 years old. Little did they know that this teen would be their ticket to fortune.
  • Khalifa Realeses "Show and Prove"

    Khalifa Realeses "Show and Prove"
    Wiz Khalifa releases his first album threw Rostrum Records. His album was a hit in Pittsburgh and cities surrounding.
  • Wiz Releases "Flight School"

    Wiz Releases "Flight School"
    Wiz Khalifa releases Flight School Mixtpe. This Free Mixtape later turns into an album because of its success.
  • Rostrum Signs Malcom

    Rostrum Signs Malcom
    Mac Miller is signed to Rostrum Records. This would be the artist that brought them to the top and made president Benjy Grinberg a millionaire.
  • K.I.D.S. Mixtape is Released

    K.I.D.S. Mixtape is Released
    Mac Miller releases his K.I.D.S. Mixtape threw Rostrum Records. This mixtape has a total of over a million downloads, making it a platinum mixtape. Along with this mixtape he released his first single "Knock Knock" which earned Rostrum Records appr. 1 million in profits from the song.
  • Mac's Mixtape is Through the Roof

    Mac's Mixtape is Through the Roof
    Mac's New Mixtape "Best Day Ever" earns a whooping 460,000 downloads in the first week. After it was all said and done it has earned over a million in total downloads. It is ranked in the top 20 mixtapes of all time. (
  • The Single That Changed Everything

    The Single That Changed Everything
    Along with Mac's "Best Day Ever" Mixtape, he released a single of the mixtape under Rostrum Records named "Donald Trump". This Single topped the billboard charts and earned alot of revenue for Mac and Rostrum.
  • Blue Slide Park

    Blue Slide Park
    Mac Miller's first album is released titled "Blue Slide Park" threw Rostrum Records. Blue Slide Park was the first Indie (Independent) album to hit #1 on the Billboard charts since 1995 (16 years). This made millions in profit for Rostrum Records and Mac Miller.
  • Mr. President

    Mr. President
    President Benjy Grinberg is named #23 on The Source Magazine's Annual Powerhouse List. Along with this he has a net worth of over 30 million dollars and the profits for Rostrum Records are in the multi millions. Because of two key artists and their music releases through time this led Rostrum Records to be one of the most powerful and richest independent record labels of all time.