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Ronaldo "The Phenomenon"

By Mr. G
  • Ronaldo is born

    Ronaldo is born
    Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima was born in rio de janerio. His father was a phone company employee and his mother was a pizza maker and ice vendor. He grew up as the youngest with two older brothers and one older sister. Around age 13 or 14 his parents divorced and even though it was hard for ronaldo he still says he had a happy childhood.
  • Ronaldos journey begins

    Ronaldos journey begins
    Around when Ronaldo's parents divorced at age 15 he went to play for Sao Cristoavo a second division youth team in brazil. He then tried out for his favorite first division team Flamengo but was rejected because the team wouldint pay for his 45 min bus ride to training. In his first game for sao Cristovao ronaldo scored three goals and helped his team win 5-2. News spread about his talent and got attention of teams in Europe.
  • Moving up

    Moving up
    Ronaldo is traded from Sao Cristavao to one of brazils first division team Cruzeiro for 50,000 dollars. He still led the team and brazil in goals with 58 in 60 games.
  • International carrer

    International carrer
    At age 17 Ronaldo made his international debut for brazil againts Argentina. From there he travled with the team to the United States for the 1994 world cup where he didint participate but was apart of brazils world cup victory.
  • Move to Europe

    Move to Europe
    In 1994 after the world cup Ronaldo moved to PSV Eindhoven in Holland. He scored 30 league goals in his first season. His second season with PSV he was out most of the season due to a knee injury but in his 13 apperances that season he scored in 12 of them. in 1995 he was top scorer and in 1996 won the dutch cup with PSV.
  • Sheep cloned

    Sheep cloned
    July 5th 1996 a sheep named dolly was the first mamal cloned from an adult using the process of nucleur transfer. It was a break through in the scientific world.
  • Olympic games

    Olympic games
    In 1996 Ronaldo participated with brazil in the Olympics held in Atlanta Georgia in the U.S. He led his team to a bronze medal.
  • transfer to Barcelona FC

    transfer to Barcelona FC
    Getting the attention of spains supergiants (Barcelona FC) Ronaldo made the move to Barcelona in 1996 where he played one season with them. In that one season with Barcelona he won the UEFA champions league final, copa del rey, and supercopa de Espana. He also won the La ligas top scorer with 34 goals in 37 games. He also won FIFA's world player of the year.
  • Inter Milan

    Inter Milan
    In 1997 Ronaldo is transferd from barcelona to Inter milan for 19 million euros. With inter milan he won fifa world player of the year for a 2nd time and won the ballon d'Or. In 2002 he played for Brazil in the world cup and won it once again. After the world cup he won the world football player of the year for the 3rd time. It was then he was considered as the greatest player his time
  • September 11th

    September 11th
    The morning of september 11th hijackers took control of four planes and used them as missles and hit the world trade center towers and pentagon.
  • Real madrid

    Real madrid
    In 2002 he was transferd to Real Madrid for 46 million Euros. Ronaldo scored twice in his debut for madrid. With Real Madrid he won the intercontinental cup in 2002 and spanish super cup in 2003. In 2006 he didint like what coach Fabio, of Madrid, coaching ideas.
  • Pope john paul II

    Pope john paul the second dies after 26 years and 168 days as pope of the catholic church.
  • AC Milan

    AC Milan
    In 2007 Ronaldo transferd to rival club ac milan and played one season with them. Due to injures and weight problems he was soon relased without discussion of a renewal for the contract
  • Corinthians

    Ronaldo came back to brazil to play for the rival club of his favorite team. He won the Brazil cup for corinthians which would be the final cup he would earn. In a press conferance in Febuary of 2011 he announced his retirement.