Roman Republic

  • Rome begin

    509 BC - The Romans began their republic when they rebelled and put an end to their Etruscan kings. Lucius Brutus is believed to be the founder of the Roman Republic.
  • Gallic invasion of Italy and the Destruction of Rome by the Gauls

    390 BC - The Gallic force led by Brennus, wanted to find a new place to settle, a decided to settle, in a village in Italy near Siena. The villagers were scared so they eventually called Rome for help. After various discussions between the Roman and the Gauls' ambassadors, the Gauls declared war to Rome. And that's when the "Battle of the Allia" start.
  • The start of the 'Gladiator Games"

    264 BC - This start was marked when Junius Brutus in 264 b.c. died. Six gladiators, in pairs, fought to death.
  • Civil War in Rome

    90 BC - This civil war was between the Roman Republic and Italian cities who were Rome's allies. the first ones to rebell where the small Italian cities who wanted to unite and make a nation called Italia with a Italica as its capital. Even though the Roman Republic won the Italians had more rights.
  • Sulla becomes a dictator

    88 BC - Sulla killed a lot of people. Those that he thought that were an opponent to the Roman Republic.
  • Death of Sulla

    70 bc - There are many ideas of how Sulla died; on eof them is from liver rupture.
  • The first Triumvirate

    59 BC - The first Triumvirate was formed between Caesar, Pompey and Gracchus.
  • Julius Caesar died. Marcus Antony takes control of Rome

    44 BC - Marcus Antony was Julius Caesar great suppoter, though he wasn't able to enough to support a politic life. Antony's control of Rome did last too long, indeed to lasted only two years, before Octavian came.
  • Octavian takes control of Italy

    42 BC - To take control of the Roman Government Octavian first won against Lepidus and then Antony.
  • End of Roman Republic

    27 BC - Octavian becomes the first emperor of Rome and the Roman Republic comes to an end