Rock n’ Roll Through the Decades

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  • The Isley Brothers

    The Isley Brothers
    The Isely Brothers were also an American formed band and had started in the 1950s. Their biggest hit song "It's your thing" had come 2nd in the hottest 100 hits in their era.
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    Rock n’ Roll Through the Decades

  • The Platters

    The Platters
    The platters were an Americal Band form in 1952. They were one of the more successful vocal groups at the early rock n' roll era.
  • The Beatles

    The Beatles
    The Beatles was an English Rock Band formed in the 1960s. The Beatles were famous because they had dominated the youth-centred pop music, which had made them well know.
  • The Beach Boys

    The Beach Boys
    The beachboys were formed in Hawthrone, America in 1961. It says the beach boys were the most important rock group in the United States.
  • Queen

    The Queens was formed in 1970, in London. Queen was actually once called Smile, however, one of the band members had change dit to Queen saying that it was another one of their great idea names.
  • AC/DC

    AC/DC is actually an Australian band formed in Sydney, 1973 by Scottish brothers. The Brothers loved their name because it actually stands for alternating current/direct current which they thought matched their band's energy when they play.
  • Mötley Crüe

    Mötley Crüe
    Mötley Crüe is a heavy metal band formed in America, Los Angeles in 1981. Mötley Crüe has also sold 100 million albums worldwide.
  • Guns N' Roses

    Guns N' Roses
    Guns N' Roses, usually called GNR, were an American boys band formed in Los Angeles. GNR had gotten famous pretty quickly by becoming one of the worlds biggest brands to go to hollywood in the late 80s.
  • Pearl Jam

    Pearl Jam
    Pearl Jam was formed in 1990, In America, Settle Washington. Their first Band name was called the Mookie Blaylock until it changed to Pearl Jam, because of their many fans, they had decided to call themselves Ten Club.
  • Oasis

    Oasis is an English rock band formed in Manchester, 1991. Oasis was created from an earlier group called The Rain until they created their own, Oasis.
  • Arctic Monkeys

    Arctic Monkeys
    In 2002, There was an English rock band formed in Sheffield called The Arctic Monkeys. The group had consisted of Alex Turner, Jamie Cook, Nick O'Malley, Matt Helders, Andy Nicholson. Until Andy Nicholson left the group shortly after their album in 2006 had been released.
  • Fall Out Boy

    Fall Out Boy
    An American rock band formed in Wilmette, Illinois in 2002; Fall Out Boy. This band had sold more than 4 million Albums until 2009 when the band had split.