Rock N Roll Through The Decades

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    Billy Ward and his Dominoes

    Billy Ward and His Dominoes were an American R&B (Rhythm and Blues) vocal group. They were of the most successful vocal group in the early 1950s. His Dominoes helped Billy Ward increase his vocal and singing career and made it this successful. There were two noticeable members of the Dominoes, Clyde McPhatter, and Jackie Wilson.
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    Gary Lewis and The Playboys

    Gary Lewis and The Playboys were an American 1960's pop and rock band. Gary was the musician of the band and The playboys played other instruments and maybe sung. They are well known for being on the billboard in 1965 and their Hot 100 number song The Diamond Ring.
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    Queen started in 1970. They are a British Rock N Roll band that was formed in London in 1970. Freddie Mercury was the lead vocals and a piano player. Brian May was the guitar player and vocals. Roger Taylor was played the drums and did some vocals. John Deacon played the Bass. In 1991 Freddie Mercury died of taking AIDS and then the band released their final album in 1995. Queen had Rock N Roll fame in 2001 and then a movie came out in 2018 named Bohemian Rapsody.
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    The Rentals

    The Rentals are an American Band that formed in 1995, United States. Matt Sharp was the vocalist an is known well as a former bassist Weezer. The band ended in 1999. They realesed two albums called, Return of The Rentals and Seven More Minutes. They did a world tour in 1999. Their last album was realesed in 2005 after many years.